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Uralneftekhim – Landing Page Development



Client: Uralneftekhim

Date: 24.03.2020

Deadline: 2 weeks

Link to the project: https://uralnhs.ru

Develop a landing page in a short time for a company that supplies petroleum products to the regions of the Ural Federal District and the Russian Federation


What was done

This project was launched almost in one week. At the first stage, a prototype of the site was developed in 1 day. After approving and making edits to the prototype, the layout and programming process was launched. During the development process, several times together with the customer, corporate colors, icons, block order were selected, and the mobile version was tested. Thanks to a well-coordinated collaboration and close interaction, the site was ready within 10 days after the client’s request was received. During the development of this landing page, the client gave feedback throughout the entire time, noting the high professionalism and speed of the work performed. It took us another 2 days to train an employee to edit information on the site.

Current state of the site-passed to the client for filling in relevant information


Features and tools

The following programming languages and tools were used to develop the site:

  • CMS WordPress
  • PHP programming language
  • Javascript programming language
  • Bootstrap and jquery frameworks
  • HTML and CSS languages
  • Modules for integration with social networks.networks and messengers
  • Yandex.Metrika
  • The Yandex tool was used to audit the site in its first month of operation.webmaster

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