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Client: SOLT

Date: 20.01.2019

Deadline: Accompanied

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SOLT company is an international manufacturer of personnel call systems for service companies (catering, hotels), medical clinics, retail,
warehouses (logistics).
The company has divisions based on geographical location. The main tools for attracting bids: SEO, contextual advertising, cold calls. We faced the task of attracting applications for the installation of systems through social networks – to organize content content, increase the number of subscribers, make a product profile and engage a large audience.


What was done

For the development of the Ural division, first of all, we have defined the format for maintaining social networks. It was important to tell the target audience about the product,
about how it works, how useful it is, what types of tasks it can solve, and how it can help business owners save money. Also stood
the goal is to stand out from the rest of the divisions and talk about the product “interesting”.

Target audience: owners and Directors of catering companies, chefs, heads of hotels, restaurants, managers, managers, chief doctors, managers
development departments, managers of stores and warehouses (logistics) in the Ural Federal District.

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook
Placement: feed and Stories


Features and tools

As a solution to the graphic design, we chose illustrations that reflect a particular situation that SOLT can solve. For demonstration
for the product, we used photo materials provided by the client that adapt to the overall design.

We developed, created and published “Relevant” articles for hospitals, retail, logistics, and restaurants that described how
the use of personnel call systems solved the problem of a particular segment.

Attracting new Instagram followers:
1. Massfollowing with the option to automatically send messages to new subscribers
2. Participate in discussions in comments in accounts where there is a target auditory



Total publication coverage for the period: 9716.
During 4 weeks of project management, we attracted 187 new subscribers from our target people area segment using free tools, 6 of which left a request
to install the call system in Yandex. Direct and 1-in Facebook Messenger. The average receipt for 1 order is 175,000 Rubles.

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    SOLT Ural-Promotion in social networks.networks