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Client: Optima Security

Date: 23.02.2020

Deadline: 1 Month

Link to the project: https://optima-ekat.ru/

Develop a convenient website for a company that provides a full range of security services. The main goals of the project were:

  • Make a high-quality company website with a description of its competitive advantages
  • Increase brand awareness by using elements of the organization’s corporate identity
  • Make a mobile version of the site
  • Prepare your site for SEO promotion and contextual advertising
  • Organize convenient navigation and clear presentation of information on the site.
  • Build a semantic core based on keywords



In addition to the site, it was necessary to make layouts of advertising billboards. Then it was decided to build the work as follows. Draw billboards and logos, decide on corporate colors, and then use this data to create a website.

The first stage took us 8 days. 2 types of billboards were drawn. After agreement with the customer, one of the options was approved. Work on the site has started.

Site development was completed in 2 weeks. Taking into account all edits made by the customer, the content, texts, and preparation of the site for promotion. During the course of the project, we had to change some pages very quickly in terms of content delivery, as well as the logic for displaying the menu. But despite all the pitfalls, the project was completed on time.


Fetures and tech stack

The following programming languages and tools were used to develop the site:

CMS WordPress
PHP programming language
Javascript programming language
Bootstrap and jquery frameworks
HTML and CSS languages
Modules for integration with social networks.networks and messengers
The Yandex tool was used to audit the site in its first month of operation.webmaster

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  • UI/UX design

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  • UI/UX design

    Optima security-web development