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Meatbrothers – further development and optimization of the website



Client: Meatbrothers

Date: 15.02.2020

Deadline: 2 weeks

Link to the project: https://www.meatbrothers.net/

Our team has a task to finalize the site and provide

  • Faster site loading
  • Online payment and delivery registration directly on the site
  • Fix incorrect display of some site elements and change their animation
  • Optimize images


Development of an optimization plan

Based on the results of the site audit, it was decided to divide the work into 3 main stages:

  1. Installing and configuring delivery and online payment modules
  2. Optimization of the site layout
  3. Image optimization
  • Since 1C-Bitrix was used as the site management system, the best option was to use the delivery design module from SDEC, which proved itself in conjunction with Bitrix from the best side. Then our company’s specialists set up the module and made several test deliveries. After testing, the module was successfully moved to the main site from the test site.
  • The Yandex system was selected to organize online payment on the site.Money. The Yandex module was installed and configured without any problems and provided the necessary functionality within one day.
  • The next step was to optimize the site layout, which was spent a lot of time due to the features of the CMS and a number of not optimal decisions made by the previous team.
  • The final stage of site optimization was to reduce the size of images and graphic elements of the site without losing quality. To do this, we used specialized software with which we managed to achieve a 3-fold increase in the speed of loading site pages. The part of the graphical elements have been replaced by fonts that are also allowed to considerably reduce loading time.



In the course of our work the following results were achieved:

  • Increasing the overall site optimality index according to Google from an average of 35 to 82
  • Increasing the site loading speed by 5 times
  • Increase in the number of real site visitors from mobile devices by 15 percent per month
  • Convenient and faster order processing for the customer with an accurately calculated delivery cost
  • Client switching to support in Organica

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