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Client: Igrena

Date: 26.11.2019

Deadline: 2 month

Link to the project: http://igrena.company/

Develop a website that would help make the brand more recognizable, increase interest in products and technological solutions in the field of cosmetology. The mandatory requirements for the project were

  • Convenient and modern design
  • Correct display on all devices
  • Fast loading
  • Reflection of the company’s essence
  • Attracting new partners using the site


What was done

Our team has carefully studied the needs goals and tasks that the site should address. Therefore, as part of increasing brand awareness, we additionally:

We selected unique media content and text content
Developed the design concept
Conducted a UX \ UI audit
Prepared a website for promotion in Google and Yandex


Features and tools

To improve the quality and speed of feedback from partners and potential customers, companies have developed chatbots for telegram, whatsapp and integrated with social networks. networks (facebook vkontakte and instagramm)

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