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HEDONIC-online store for home decor and products




Date: 27.11.2019

Deadline: 1 month

Link to the project: https://hedonicstore.com/ru/

It was necessary to develop an online store of unique products for home and decor. The main quality assessment criteria were:

Modern adaptive design
Refinement in style, use of pastel colors and fine fonts
Easy navigation and organization of directory
Visual notification of the client about promotions
Informative product card
Convenient ordering process


What was done

Our team waited a long time for the project to be implemented. There were several preliminary meetings and online conferences with the customer. He was very concerned about the timing and quality of work. In order to convince the client of its viability, we have committed ourselves to implement the project 30% faster than we usually set for such projects.

Since the project budget was limited — it was decided to implement the project on a combination of WordPress and WooComerce using a ready-made template as a basis. Together with the customer, dozens of template options were reviewed. Based on the results, we decided on the one that is currently being used.

Then everything was deployed on the test capacities of our hosting. The initial filling with the customer’s content was made, the product card, main page, basket and catalog were updated. Additionally, the payment method via PayPal was enabled.

As a result, we received a fully working project in 3 weeks. in the last week, we trained the customer’s employee to work with the CMS for self-filling the catalog and product description.

The current status of the website is transferred on a running domain. Filled in by the customer. Supported by the Organica team.


Features and tools

The following programming languages and tools were used to develop the site:

  • CMS WordPress
  • PHP programming language
  • Javascript programming language
  • Bootstrap and jquery frameworks
  • HTML and CSS languages
  • Modules for integration with social networks.networks and messengers
  • Yandex.Metrika
  • The Yandex tool was used to audit the site in its first month of operation.webmaster

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