Web development

Development of a media portal about cryptocurrencies – Prometheus



Client: Prometheus

Date: 07.05.2018

Deadline: 5 month

Link to the project: https://prometheus.ru/

Make a new version of the portal about cryptocurrencies in place of the old one

Main goals of the project:

Provide stability and fault tolerance under heavy loads – 20,000 unique users per day.
Draw and create a new website design
Choose the most optimal tool for convenient administration
Complete launch in 2 weeks.


What was done

To develop a new version of the portal, our team performed the following tasks:

A pre-project study was conducted. Based on which hosting (Hetzner) was selected to provide the necessary bandwidth for the site
The site design was developed and rendered based on the UX \ UI audit
The WordPress engine was chosen to implement the software part of the site. Under which the site layout and programming was carried out.
Additionally, analytical modules were developed for monitoring cryptocurrencies online. Additional modules have been developed to optimize video content on the site.
Much attention was paid to the mobile version of the site and the download speed. Thanks to the whole set of measures the site was launched on time and provided the necessary bandwidth


Features and tools

  • Integration with social networks. networks and messengers
  • Simplified administration panel
  • Integration with major cryptocurrency marketplaces
  • Integration with the company’s internal CRM.
  • Tools for tracking currency exchange rates in real time

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