Blockchain development

Development of a cryptocurrency exchange website



Client: flamechange

Date: 13.12.2019

Deadline: 2 month

Link to the project:

Organize a convenient and licensed cryptocurrency exchange. The priority of the project was the availability of a mobile version, download speed and correct execution of exchange operations at one of the best rates at the moment.


What was done

Our team had conducted a scoping study on the basis of which the quality was chosen as a reliable supplier license to conduct transactions of exchange of cryptocurrency.

After that, we created a prototype of the future mobile and PC versions of the site. during the design process, we described all possible scenarios of user behavior based on which the final product interface was designed.

Then the process of programming testing and transferring the site to an existing domain was carried out.


Features and tools

Additionally the following tools have been developed configured and integrated for the site

  • Chatbot
  • Mail for business
  • Real-time currency exchange rate monitoring
  • Increase the speed of transactions due to the right choice of provider for the provision of communication services
  • Online assistant

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  • Blockchain development

    Development of a cryptocurrency exchange website

  • Blockchain development

    Cryptoarts-art objects in the blockchain