Web development

The development of the site organicablago.ru



Client: OrganicaBlago

Date: 28.06.2019

Deadline: 2 month

Link to the project: https://organicablago.ru/

Development of an online store selling healthy cosmetic products for face body and hair care



  • Concise design
  • Easy site management (adding changing deleting information, products)
  • Convenient catalog and shopping cart for users
  • Increase sales by using the site as an additional source
  • Increasing customer loyalty to Russian-made cosmetics
  • Correct display on all types of devices


Features and tools

To achieve the client’s goals, we have implemented

  • Layout design for PC and mobile versions
  • Integrated with social networks. Facebook instagram and vkontakte)
  • Implemented a site management tool
  • Made a convenient shopping cart
  • Online payment system enabled
  • Developed a mobile version
  • Filled the site with goods, media, and text content
  • Prepared a website for SEO promotion
  • Performed Analytics after launch and made the necessary changes

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  • Web development

    The development of the site organicablago.ru

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